5 reasons why real estate is the best form of investment

Investments are long-term security. Investments are effective modes to make money work for you. Making smart investments can take you a long way. You can outdo the inflations and increase the value of money. Every Indian household requires a smart investment with greater potential growth and less risk to secure their future. 

As the cost of living is increasing, people are understanding that their regular income can’t give them their dream lifestyle. People consider different investment options to multiply their income. When you compare real estate investment to other forms of investment, it gives you an assured high return of investment with fewer risks. According to the report, Indian households have 77% of their assets in real estate. To multiply your income, investing in the real estate sector is beneficial.

Here are 5 reasons why real estate is the best form of investment:

1. Safe investment option: 

When you look at other investment options like gold, cryptocurrencies, and the stock market, you might see they involve high investment. When you invest in gold, it brings along the stress of storing it safely and also brings in concerns like theft. Since we know very little about cryptocurrencies, you might have second thoughts to invest. Unlike real estate stock market is highly fluctuating and involves high risk. 

2. Faster growing sector:  

The Indian real estate sector is budding at a faster rate. According to recent studies, the real estate market is expected to grow from ₹12,000 crores in 2019 to ₹65,000 crores in 2040, which contributes up to 13% of Indian GDP. With the growing real estate sector, you can enjoy the benefit of exemption from long-term capital gains tax under sections 54 and 54F.

3. Growth potential:

As many countries are paving their way to India, there will be an increase in job opportunities. Resulting in an influx of money, making it convenient for people to buy homes and will increase the demand for real estate. This is good news for the real estate developers as they can avail of tax exemption. 

4. Better ROI:

As mentioned earlier, real estate investment involves little to no risk and can offer high returns in the future. When you invest in real estate, property prices will not drastically fluctuate. Your investments will take a couple of years to mature to give a better Return of Investment. 

5. Tax Savings: 

When you take loans to invest in your dream home, there are savings on the taxes. If you are buying a house for the first time, you can save up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on taxes under section 80C and Rs. 2 Lakhs under section 24. 

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