How villa life is different from an apartment?

When you are thinking about buying a home the first thing that strikes your mind is that you need immense comfort. And there is always a feel-good factor when your dream is embraced with luxury and world-class amenities. Life in a villa is very promising about luxury and privacy when compared to apartments. Apartments, villas, and bungalows in Bangalore have their own pros and cons, but you have to weigh them and choose what suits you the best.


Read further to understand how a villa life is a class apart when compared to living in an apartment.


Let us weigh them and understand their pros and cons:


The positive outlooks of living in an apartment:


Higher security: 

The apartment is installed with CCTV surveillance and round the clock security guard. You are surrounded by apartments and neighbors. Since you are sharing walls, emergency help is just a call away. Not just this, people are constantly moving up and down and this can avoid any kind of mishappening like your child going out and strolling in the corridors without your notice. There are always people around to take care of your kids. 


Lively neighborhood:

There are better chances of closer bonding with the community when you live in an apartment. Although living in a housing community also serves the purpose, living in an apartment makes rapport building quicker and easier as there are many events conducted to bring them closer and break the ice. Festivals are celebrated together creating a sense of belonging. All these events allow spending quality time and bringing each other closer.


Short term option:

If you are someone who constantly loves traveling or has a job that constantly has transfers and location changes then opting for an apartment is the smartest choice. The initial investment in apartments is much cheaper when compared to other housing options. Not so luxurious living but dwelling in an apartment is embraced with comfort. 


Reasons why you should rethink buying an apartment:


Lack of privacy: 

Since there are so many people moving around all the time, your privacy is at stake. Maybe you want to have a chill and a peaceful day enjoying the weather on your balcony, but the constant noisy neighbors can be a put-off. Nosy neighbors constantly pounding in what is happening in your life can be disturbing and emotionally draining. When you own a home the first priority is always seeking comfort and not able to meet your needs can be frustrating.


Hardly any land ownership:

For many of them owning land is a matter of pride and honor. But when you own a flat in an apartment you do not have the land to yourself. You do not own the entire piece of land and hence cannot reconstruct your home any time you want according to your wish. There will always be issues when you have a plan to renovate your house. 


Smaller living space in comparison to villa:

One of the biggest put off of apartments is they are smaller and less spacious when compared to villas. Luxury is compromised when you live in an apartment. This means you cannot have your private space and you have to compromise on your personal space. If you are someone who prioritizes comfort and luxury, then living in an apartment might be challenging. There might be no accessibility to clothing lines or separate allocated rooms like a study room or a garden kitchen.


No Personalization:

Apartments are most of the time built before the down payment and there are very few possibilities of designing your dream home according to your wish. Modification is potentially limited, and you need to seek the landowner’s approval before making any changes. 


Now let’s take an overview of the experience at Villa and how it is different from dwelling in an apartment. 


The experience of living in a Villa is unmatchable. 


Ample space: 

Luxury villas in Bangalore are backed up with ample space and comfort. With ample space, you can do anything and everything you always desired for. Villas in Electronic City Bangalore are embracing enormous space and luxury. It is a known fact that nowadays Villas are a synonym for luxury housing. Ample space allows family members to enjoy the open space, this means when there is enormous space a secured garden can be made where your kids and pets can stroll around.


Long term investment:

Villas are definitely a great investment as there is a guaranteed increase in the land value. It may not be instantly but a few years down the lane there is a visible amount of change in the value of the land. If you are looking for a long-term investment, then villas are a one-stop solution.


Privacy and security:

There are round clock guards and CCTV surveillance which makes Villas well secured. Since the villas are placed in a distinctively and well-maintained distance, there are no issues of noisy or poky neighbors.



You can design your villa the way you want. Villas are spacious and can be designed the way you desire your home to look. You can choose if your backyard will be the garden area or a garden kitchen, the choice is absolutely yours.


Well from amenities to security, Villas have got you covered for everything. 


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