Is real estate a real asset in Bangalore?

After Agriculture, real estate is the second largest source of income in India. Over the years real estate business has seen massive growth in terms of demand. Bangalore is a beautiful magnet that attracts youngsters with aspirations. This city is booming with entrepreneurs and IT professionals and is commonly known as the Silicon Valley of India. People are moving to the garden city from across the globe resulting in high demand for residential homes, and Premium villas in Bangalore. Not just has the demand for Luxury houses in Bangalore increased but people are also looking out for Villa plots in Bangalore. 

Apart from this, every mediocre Indian with his/her 9-5 job is seeking out to have an alternate source of income that will cushion them with stability, comfort, and luxury. People may have different socio-economic backgrounds but the desire to have a secured future is constant. People are on the same page when it comes to safeguarding the future of their families and themselves. If you talk to the experts, they will tell you that just saving money will do you no good in a long term. The value of the money depreciates as time passes; a better alternative would be investing your money to grow. According to a recent study, 77% of the total assets that an Indian Household possesses is real estate. Real estate is one of the safest investment options that will reap you a higher income in the future.

Here are some of the reasons why Real Estate is considered to be a real asset:

1. Safe Investment Choice:

If you are looking for a safe investment, then Real Estate is a great choice. When it comes to other investments like the stock market, cryptocurrencies, gold, and even banks the market isn’t stable. These kinds of investments have high fluctuations and have storage and theft issues. Over the years real estate market has won people’s hearts for its consistency in the market value and to add to this the implementation of RERA has made real estate customer centric. 

2. Fast Growing Sector:

Indian Real estate is flourishing to great heights. According to the data, it is said that the real estate sector is sure to grow from 12,000 crores in 2019 to ₹65,000 crores in 2040, contributing 13% to India’s GDP.

3. Higher Returns:

When you invest in real estate the returns will always surpass the inflation rates that will result in great profits. When investing in other equities there is higher risk, but real estate offers risk-free high returns.

4. Tax Savings:

Your home loans contribute to tax savings. If you are a first-time home buyer then you have a lot of things on your mind but here’s a relief, you can save up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs under Section 80C and Rs. 2lakhs on the payable interest under Sector 24. 

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