Plots or Flats which one suits you the best?

One of the most challenging parts of investing in the real estate sector is to decide what kind of investment you should make. Investing in the real estate sector means you are investing a significant amount of your life savings, time, and energy. It is important to make the right choice since it is a long-term financial commitment. Be it a first-time real estate investor or returning home buyer there must be a dilemma to choose between a flat or a plot. It can become a little tricky to know which is a better investment. Dive into the article to understand where you should invest.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages for you to understand which investment suits you the best:

Property Value:

From an investment point of view, both plots and flats will give an assured return on investment over time. Many factors influence the appreciation value of the property. It can be the infrastructure of the roads in the area, and connectivity to public transportation such as metro lines, busses, etc. If the property is located in the budding area of Bangalore then there is a higher increase in the land value. The value of plots also increases in the current work-in-progress areas. 

The age of the property:

When you invest in a plot the age of the plot doesn’t matter but the condition of the flat will deteriorate over time. You will have to make yet another investment to reconstruct the flat or to do a makeover to keep the flat in good condition. Once you construct a flat you have very little option to change the layout or expand its future. But when it comes to a plot you have the convenience to build your dream home just the way you want or even building a stand-alone residential property.


When you invest in an already-constructed flat you can earn an immediate income. You can rent the flat and get rental income out of it. But when it comes to a plot you have to be patient and build your home and then rent to attain a source of income. But when you construct your dream home you can design it just the way you like.


When you are buying a flat you can get a loan only if the house is built and is under construction. When you are investing in a plot you can opt for a plot loan that will be only granted if it is purchased for residential purposes.

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