Reasons why investing in villa plots in 2020 is a Great idea

For many people owning a land brings in a great sense of satisfaction. Over the years, investing in plots has always been a popular choice across all economical groups and serves as a great asset. Investing in plots or properties is connected to an emotional factor. The sheer idea of investing in a dream home releases happy hormones. Everyone is looking to invest in a dream home that is embedded with comfort and luxury. There are a number of plots in Bangalore that will meet all the requirements of a dream home. The appreciation value of plots in Bangalore has increased to 800% in the last few years. Plots for sale in Bangalore south, are in high demand due to their apt locations and serene surrounding.


Traditionally, investing in plots was done by well to do people, but today everyone wants to invest in plots because it is the most reliable investment option. Currently investing in plots is one of the safest options. The prices are relatively low when you are investing in plots rather than residential properties. Investing in plots is a great idea if you are running low on budgets. It gives you financial relief and is pocket friendly. One added advantage is that there is no need for maintenance which leads to cost savings. Prices of plots differ depending on the location and size. The appreciation value of plots is much faster and higher when compared to residential properties, and this depends on the growth of the infrastructure of the surrounding area. Thus, ensuring faster and higher returns.


There are two types of unbuilt lands. The first one is the plots followed by Villa plots. The major difference between them is ~ a plot is a piece of land where a house or an apartment can be built whereas a villa plot comes along with facilities like well-built roads and various other amenities. They have top-notch amenities like a clubhouse, children’s park, swimming pool, etc.The top villa properties in Bangalore are located in places like Kanakapura road, Hebbal, Sarjapur Road, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Hoodi circle, and Electronic City. These places have the best villa plots in Bangalore south and fall under the category of safe investments.


Investing in a piece of land is a crucial decision, and enough research must be done before jumping into a conclusion. There is no shortage of plots for sale in Bangalore south. There are plentiful options to invest in a section of land these days. It is easy to get overwhelmed by looking at the enormous amount of options, and it easy to get lost in the multitude of choices. Before investing in land, make sure you make a checklist of these seven things before investing in a plot.


Seven Key Factors you should consider before buying a plot:


7 key factors to consider before buying a plot


1. Location:

Location is a significant feature that you should keep in mind before investing in residential sites in Bangalore. The location gives the plot its appreciation value and is dependent on its vicinity. The development of the infrastructure of the locality is a decider of the value of the plot. Make sure the plots are located in well-developed areas closer to IT hubs, educational centers, multi-specialty hospitals, and entertainment hubs.


2. The real value of land:

Do not be lured by cheap plot rates and blindly rush to buy a plot by looking at its cheap price. Research about the plot and the one owning it before putting your hands on the project. The value of the plot is based on its location and infrastructure of the vicinity. Make sure you buy your plot from a reputed builder, who has a clean history and someone who falls in the good books of the real estate market. A well-recognized builder will have excellent plots that are located ideally with a great infrastructure. Convenience, availability, location, cost, and the possible return on investment are other considerations that depend on the builder.Property owners verify the land value and then charge the buyer accordingly. Make sure you negotiate rightly and have researched the market enough to know the value of the land.


3. Plot size:

The next important feature is the size of the plot. If you saw an advertisement and then decided to buy a plot, make sure you have a site visit. Be ensured about defining its area dimensions from the seller to avoid any legal disputes. Search for the right plot size where you desire to build your dream home.


4. Builder credentials:

Buying a plot from a reputed builder will take you a long way. Several times, you might have seen people struggle because their plots are under litigation and other legal issues. To avoid all this, it is always better to buy your plot from a trusted builder, because they have a history of builder credibility and reliability. In Bangalore, Bluejay is one of the most trusted and reputed developers in the real estate market. They prioritize customer satisfaction and build relationships with their customers on trust.


5. Land loans:

If you are buying a plot only from an investment point of view and currently have no plans to build your home, then investing in plots will be the best option. Banks and other financial institutions provide loans, only proposed for the purchase of the land. Financial institutions and banks provide land purchase loans. These institutions assert that when you buy a land, be it for a house or commercial reason, it should be from a development authority and is a legally safe land.


6. Encumbrance Certificate

Get yourself assured by verifying if the land is under any legal disputes. Make sure the plot you are planning to buy has an encumbrance certificate. This certificate is obtained from the sub-registrar’s office and make sure the land’s deeds are registered. The piece of land, you are planning to invest in might be used as a mortgage, which means the bank has legally agreed to provide a loan for that land. So, make sure you inspect all the legalities associated with the plot.


7. Approvals by Local Bodies:

Before buying the plot make sure it has the approvals from the local bodies such as BBMP and City Development Corporation. In Bangalore, the important authorities are BBMP and BDA. You should demand the necessary documents to verify and make sure the plot is not under any legal disputes and verify it by your lawyer. Make sure the planning authorization and building sanction are obtained from the City Development Corporation.


In the fastest-growing city like Bangalore, Bluejay properties offer you the best villa plot projects with exciting amenities and great security for you and your loved ones. With various locations and projects to choose from, Bluejay consistently works towards giving the desired satisfaction to its customers with the best architecture, advanced technology, transparent process, and customer-oriented services. Villa plots like Bluejay Ardley, Aster, and Atmosphere 2 are rightly located close to multi-specialty hospitals, educational institutions, IT hubs, malls and restaurants. They perfectly resonate with your lifestyle. It is designed precisely with love and comfort, so you can proudly tell everyone about your dream home.


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