Seven Reasons Why You Should Buy a Villa Plot in Bangalore

Most of us at least once would have dreamt of buying and living in a luxurious villa. No luxury apartments can replace the spaciousness, comfort, amenities, and privacy provided by a Villa. Thus, living in a villa is a dream come true for everyone. But the fact that is, in a villa settlement, all of the houses will look identical to each other, and most of the people refrain from buying one. The best option for you if you desire to live in a villa is to buy a villa plot and build your dream home your way. A villa speaks volumes about your personality and lifestyle. It is a sign of luxury and sophisticated lifestyle, so buying a plot and designing your dream villa is a perfect option. If you are looking to buy one in IT capital, you will not be disappointed as there are several residential plots for sale in Bangalore. Buying residential sites in Bangalore also make way for huge investments that will help you build a bright future. Villas in electronic city Bangalore are in high demand due to its location and vicinity.

There are several villa plots for sale in Bangalore. Most of the residential plots in Bangalore come at a size of 1100 sqft – 4322 sqft. The size of the villa plots may vary. Building home in the residential plots in Bangalore comes with a lot of benefits.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should buy a villa plot in Bangalore.

7 Reasons To Buy a Villa Plot in Bangalore

Your land, your design:

It is one of the best feelings to have all the freedom to design your dream home. When you are customizing your dream home, you will later not regret that the room could have been different, the roof should have been a slope, or there is no garden space for you to have your kitchen garden. Buying a ready to move in a villa can sometimes leave you in remorse. Identical houses aligned in a row is not very appealing. Imagine entering the wrong house by mistake; horrible, isn’t it? The feeling of helplessness sweeps in when you want something, and it is not available in the villa. But all of this can be avoided by owning a villa plot. When you buy a villa plot, you can hire an architect to design your dream home. Your dream home is constructed according to your desires and you will not have to adjust to an already built home. Even the land is owned by you and you have all the rights and freedom to do whatever you want. You can do all the gardening you dreamt of doing and enjoy a beautiful view from your exclusively designed balcony. Imagine how blissful it would be to return to a spacious, luxurious, and well-designed home after a tiring and stressful day.

Resort-like living:

Villas come with a resort-like ambiance. Most of the residential sites in Bangalore have great space that adds to the beauty and lets you experience a resort-like living. Villas are cradled in the lap of nature. The calm and serene surroundings replenish the resident’s mind. Going back to a resort-like home after a hectic day at work will also help you clear your mind and make a new start the next day.


As you are constructing the house, you can fence it well and will also get a gated living. Most of the residential plots in Bangalore come with high- end security features that include security and 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Thus, living in a well-constructed home by you, you can assure your safety by selecting the best door locks along with other security essentials.

Investment & higher returns:

Buying residential plots for sale in Bangalore means investing in your future happiness. You can either build a home of your own or you can sell the land after years when the land value increases. As a growing city, there are lots of plots for sale in Bangalore South, North, East, and West. Bluejay, one of the leading real estate companies set in the city, has residential plots for sale in Bangalore South. These plots are located in Electronic city, where the real estate industry has shown a great boost. The area has the leading IT companies. Thus, the land value increases every year. Buying a plot here can get you higher returns at a later time. Apart from these things, villa plots also have many other advantages. But a buyer should make sure that the villa plot has government approvals and is safe. Most of the renowned builders in Bangalore have lands that are BDA approved. Thus, while buying a plot you can look into such details before purchasing the land.


In an apartment, when your neighbors are just at a wall away, there is no place for privacy. Honestly, it is very disturbing to live with prying eyes and nosy neighbors. Most of the people love privacy in their life and look for private spaces like villas or separate houses. When you build your Villa in a well-set residential plot, you will get your own space. Children have a lot of open space to play in your villa yard, and no one always complains about your children. You can enjoy a completely private evening with your family in the backyard or your courtyard without any disturbance.

A well-suited neighborhood:

By opting to build a villa exclusively designed to meet your needs, you have an added advantage of experiencing a housing community. You can enjoy community living without compromising your privacy. You have access to a niche group of fellow residents. You enjoy sharing and living with a mix of like minded people who have the same interest and come from the same walks of life. A well-suited neighborhood makes it easier to socialize, mingle with your fellow residents, and aids a peaceful and cordial relationship with them.


Gated villas plots have become a new way of life. Luxurious living has become as important as security. Amenities are a symbol of luxury and comfort, and villas these days come with top-notch amenities like swimming, garden area, clubhouse, sports area, gym, and many other top-notch facilities. Amenities have added a lot of convenience to living. These plots have a complete package of amenities that will fulfill your needs.

There are a number of villa plots in Bangalore. The real estate market is booming in the city of Bangalore, and it is all set to give you a number of choices. But to select a villa plot to invest in can become a little tricky.

Things you need to take care before investing in a villa plot

  1. Safety and security should be your first call.
  2. Investigate about the landowner, research about the builders well.
  3. Check if the location of the plot meets all your need.
  4. Look if the villa plot has amenities that will help you restore you from a tiring and stressful day.

If you are keen on having all these facilities, then Bluejay, one of the leading real estate companies, provides its customers with the best facilities and amenities. They have the great villa plots like Bluejay Aster plots located in the electronic city, Bluejay Ardley located in off Mysore road, and Bluejay Atmosphere II located in off Mysore road. These Bluejay villa plots in Bangalore are located rightly with perfect vicinity, built with advanced technology, provide customer-oriented services, and strive to meet all the needs of the customers. Not just this, they have great amenities like jogging track, swimming pool, clubhouse, table tennis court, garden area, CCTV surveillance, round the clock security, and are perfectly cradled in nature. A perfect place to build your dream home and cherish happy memories.

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