Top 5 advantages of buying a house than leasing

The current pandemic has changed everyone’s life drastically. The economy all across the world has lowered. The second wave of Covid-19 has hit the nation harder and has brought in stricter guidelines. Covid-19 has impacted almost all the business industries but, surprisingly the real estate sector is booming. These testing times have got us in the habit of adapting to various new normal. Among which the virtual setup is dominating the world. People are moving to online platforms from managing businesses to meeting distant friends and family. All the tasks are happening from the comfort of home.

Work from home has become the need of the hour. Though the pandemic impacted everyone’s lives drastically it has brought some good changes too. Like a coin, everything has two faces and the pandemic too. It has and brought in a different perception in life, like cutting down on the stress of commuting to and fro to the office. People are looking for spacious and comfortable homes. The demand for spacious homes is increasing. People are looking forward to property investment in strategically located villas and apartments.

Top 5 advantages of buying a house than leasing:

1. Customize your home: 

A home is more than just walls it is an emotion. A home must be customized according to your wishes and needs. When you live in your home there is no one to stop you from turning your terrace into a garden terrace. You have all the freedom to make changes till you are happy and contended. Making such changes can improve the value of the property too.

2. Higher appreciation value: 

If you have kept track of the real estate properties, you will understand that the land value is consistently increasing. Investing in a strategically located property can fetch you higher returns in the future.

3. Tax Benefits and various financing options: 

When you own a house there is a reduction in mortgage interest and property taxes. The savings from tax reduction is a plus point. There are many plans proposed by the government to implement affordable housing policies, so everyone can live in their dream home.

4. Mortgage costs are constant:

When you buy a home the mortgage cost remains the same but in a rented home, there is always a risk of a hike in the rent. The rent cannot be controlled by you and hence there is a disturbance in your financial planning.

5. Security:

Living in your own home brings in a sense of emotional security. There is no landowner to instruct to how to live in a house or ask you to leave after the lease agreement is over. You can take care of everything right from your privacy control to modifying your home according to your wish.

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