Top residential localities in South Bangalore for a smart investment

Bangalore is among the top three metropolitan cities in India. This city is home to many IT specialists. The IT sector of the city Bangalore is a leading industrial capital of India, the reasons being its vast job opportunities generated by startup companies, software companies, telecommunication, and the aerospace industry. Bangalore has become a magnet to people around the nation for its excellent job opportunities and pleasant weather condition. Bangalore perfectly balances both being the Silicon Valley and garden city. Industrialization has never been a reason to sacrifice the beauty of this city.

As the city is transforming, it is also going through a tremendous increase in population due to people migrating from other parts of the city. Since the demand for residential houses is increasing, this has led to new projects in Bangalore. People prefer living in Luxury villas in Bangalore thus there is a peak in luxury villas for sale.

People are looking to invest in the real estate sector and Bangalore is a promising city. There are numerous Villa plots in Bangalore with promising higher returns and people are investing in them for the same reason. When you compare North Bangalore and South Bangalore the much-evolved part of Bangalore. The southern part of Bangalore is steadily growing.

Here are the top reasons why to invest in South Bangalore:

1.Infrastructural Development:

If you are someone who enjoys staying close to the thriving heart of the city then South Bangalore will make you fall in love with it. Bangalore is home to several multinational companies and the fortune 500 and this area is filled with them. 

2. Appreciation Trends:

The key to making a good real estate investment is understanding its appreciation value. Since North Bangalore is tremendously growing the approximate appreciation rate is about 20-30% making it a great investment call.

3. Greater proximity to hubs:

South Bangalore has established educational centers, multi-specialty hospitals, shopping malls, ATMs, entertainment centers, etc. Since South Bangalore is surrounded by significant infrastructural development it has better land value. 

4. In the heart of greenery:

South Bangalore is surrounded by green lush making this place a pleasurable to live in. This area highlights the reason why Bangalore is called the garden city. The freshness in the air will make your living experience worthwhile.

The top two localities to invest in South Bangalore are Kanakapura Road and Off Hosa Road. These areas have the best road connectivity and have great public transportation facilities. If you are planning to invest in luxury Villa Plots, these areas are the best. 

While you are investing in your dream home, make sure you choose the best real estate developers in Bangalore. Bluejay is one of the leading and most trusted real estate developers in Bangalore. They have top-notch premium Villas in South Bangalore. One among them is Malgudi Villas and Aster Villas. They are located away from the main city yet in the heart of Bangalore embraced by serenity. Bluejay not only has premium villas but also offers villa plots in South Bangalore like Malgudi Premium Plots and Aster Premium plots. They are aptly located in an area surrounded by the best infrastructure that will give assured higher returns in the future. Make smart moves by investing in Bluejay Homes. 



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