Vastu remedies and corrections for your home

Vastu has been a part of Indian society from ancient times. Many people follow Vastu as a tradition but Vastu has more to do than just a traditional practice. If you do not know about Vastu you might have a lot of questions like why is there a need for Vastu? How to follow rightly? How does it help?

Beginning with why people appreciate Vastu Shastra so much. Following Vastu Shastra can make a person’s life so much easier and simpler. It is a science of attracting and concentrating positive cosmic energy into everyone’s life so every move of their life results in success and they attain happiness. It is believed working in a setup that follows Vastu can have a better lifestyle and go through, less financial crisis and can also benefit from the cosmic forces, solar energy, and lunar energy. The benefits of following Vastu Shastra are just not materialistic or physical but also aids emotional and spiritual growth.

Vastu Shastra has a great significance when it comes to a home. Some of the real estate sectors are going back to ancient Indian science to design homes so that it has a positive impact on the house and its residents. Real estate sectors are keeping in mind the Vastu principles in mind before developing the house to bring in a sense of security in the resident's life.

Here are some of the Vastu remedies and corrections for your home: 

  1. Vastu for South West Corner:
    Do not keep your entrance in this direction as it may lead to negative consequences. Do not keep open spaces in the southwest instead keep them in the northeast, for the flow of positive energy. Always keep heavy objects like wardrobes, washing machines, etc to keep away the negative energies accumulating. It is not advisable to have a borewell in the southwest direction, however, if nothing can be done, you can paint it red and install a Rahu yantra on its top.

  2. Vastu remedies for South West kitchen:
    Ideally, a kitchen should be located on the southeast or northwest corner of the house. If the kitchen is placed in the southwest it paves the way to difficulty to occupants like depression, trauma, anxiety, and mood swings. The remedies are that you can install the gas stove in the Southeast, place a stool and cook. Painting the kitchen walls yellow can bring positivity.

  3. North West bedroom Vastu remedies:
    We spend most of our time in the bedroom and it needs to be located rightly. A northwest bedroom leads to financial losses and differences. To fix this you can avoid open spaces in the northwest corner and keep rainwater filled in a green or blue glass bottle. You can also paint your bedroom white and use the northwest bedroom as a guest room.

  4. Remedies for North East toilet:
    You shouldn't have a toilet in North East as it results in acute and long-term health problems. The remedies are you can place a Northeast direction yantra in the northeast zone and a bowl of live Vastu sea salt to remove negative energy from the environment. 

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