What do homebuyers prefer? In 2021 top 5 emerging trends

The pandemic has drastically changed the lives of people all over the world. These changes brought by Covid-19 are being adopted by people steadily and gradually. The real estate sector is one of the most favored assets in India. The pandemic has hampered the growth of many businesses, but the real estate sector is untouched because people are prioritizing comfortable houses in these challenging times.

Due to the pandemic, the government urges the employees of IT companies and many non-manufacturing units to work from home. Working from home requires a spacious home and hence people are looking forward to real estate investment.

The government of India has taken steps towards affordable housing policies that aim at the reduction of home loan interest rates, making it convenient for people to buy their dream homes. The preferences of homebuyers are changed over the years. People are looking forward to luxurious houses in metropolitan cities, ready to move in homes, spacious homes with top-notch amenities.

Here are five of the emerging trends people are keeping in mind while buying a home in 2021:

  1. Ready to move in homes: Due to the current pandemic, it is quite risky to invest in a plot or half-constructed home. Homebuyers are looking forward to investing in ready-to-move-in homes to avoid any project delivery delays.
  2. Prefers less crowded area: To improve the quality of life people seek to live in a less crowded ambiance. Well-developed homes located in the peripheral region of the cities are getting into the limelight as they are away from the hassle-free living of city life. These top-notch villas are located away from the hustle of the city yet very much in the city.
  3. Spacious homes with office space: Due to the current pandemic, most of the businesses are running from home. Keeping this in mind many developers have started to develop home, incorporating a separate design for workspaces. People want to have a big, spacious, and luxurious home that can provide them work-life balance.
  4. Eco-friendly property: Eco-friendly living should become a lifestyle. Homebuyers want to adapt to eco-friendly options like utilization of solar energy, rainwater harvesting, waste management, and many other options that can reduce carbon footprint. Huge terraces and balconies with a great view have now become investor's priority.
  5. Automation installed at home: A luxury home will have automation installed in the house for the convenience of the homeowners. Automation like automated doors, voice recognition lights, and elevators are installed to maintain social distancing and hygiene throughout the property.

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