Which is better to buy in Bangalore, a flat or a plot? Complete Guide

What Should You Buy: An Apartment or a Plot?

With rising costs, rising loan rates, and delayed possession, there has never been a more nerve- wracking moment to invest in Indian real estate. Being one of the most important emotional decisions a person makes in their lives, it is surely the most tedious process. This is due to the fact that purchasing a home is a journey fraught with difficulties. Although apartment culture has taken over the residential market in India’s main cities, people still yearn to acquire a plot of land and construct their own home. If you wish to do so, you must carefully consider numerous factors such as construction costs, appreciation, financial support, and income.

Purchasing undeveloped land gives you the freedom to design a home that meets your specific needs. A flat apartment, on the other hand, is a re-modelled, multi-story structure. The apartment purchaser does not have the ability to alter the shape or size of the construction area. It does, however, have advantages in terms of security, accessibility, and location.

Apartment vs. Plot.

We will attempt to construct a comparison based on several characteristics because each sort of property has its own pros and downsides.


Apartments eliminate headaches such as hiring an architect, obtaining municipal approvals, dealing with contractors, and, most significantly, planning because these tasks are handled by developers.

When it comes to plots, one must distinguish between two types: Developers sell plots within gated communities, while local governments give plots in layouts or plots. Be prepared to be on your feet if you plan to build a home on a plot provided by the local government or in a layout. In gated communities, however, residents have access to all of the amenities.


When looking for an apartment, one must restrain one’s inventiveness to some level.

Plots allow you to select designs based on your budget. Even if you cannot afford to build a home right now, you will be able to do so in the future. A plot provides a lot of versatility because it may be built to suit your needs, whereas a flat’s modification and expansion options are limited.


Unlike flats, plot owners are not required to share floor area. While living in a community, they have complete privacy.


The majority of the units provide amenities including power backup, maintenance, and security. In addition, amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and gymnasium are available.

Plots in gated communities have access to all of the complex’s services and amenities, however access to amenities and support infrastructure becomes a difficulty in the other instance.


Purchasing a plot is less expensive than purchasing an apartment since the overhead costs are lower.

Undivided Land Share

Apartments also provide an unequal share of land. Yes, you read that correctly. An undivided share is a portion of land that is granted to each apartment buyer when they purchase a property and is registered in the owner’s name. A buyer of an apartment has two rights: the constructed building and a proportionate piece of the land on which the structure is built. The appreciation of the property is the actual appreciation of the land, not the structure, because the value of a completed apartment depreciates over time.

Potential for Appreciation

Due to the fact that land is a tangible asset, plots have a better potential for appreciation than flats.

However, it is contingent on a number of circumstances, like geography, trunk infrastructure availability, and so on.

Cost of upkeep

While the idea of owning land appeals to many people, basic amenities are difficult to come by unless you live in a gated community established by a builder. Because land in the city Centre is scarce, these parcels are frequently found in outlying locations. As a result, security and upkeep become a massive issue. Furthermore, the buyer is responsible for everything from water to security.


One of the biggest concerns for today’s apartment buyers is whether they will receive possession on the builder’s specified date. Delay in possession has a number of consequences, including paying pre-EMI interest, losing income tax benefits, and losing rental income.

However, plot owners incur fewer dangers because possession is usually given on schedule.



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