Why should I invest in luxury villas in Bangalore in 2020?

Bangalore is one of the top metropolitan cities in India. In recent years Bangalore has become a home to people from different cities. Bangalore city has been a charmer right from its green, clean environment to be an IT city. It has made a strong and firm place in the people’s hearts because of its green luxurious beauty. It is a city that has been a giver from its amazing residential infrastructure to multinational IT companies. This city has seen exponential growth in population, startup companies, residential homes, villas, and IT sectors. People come here to fulfill their dreams.


Due to the increased job opportunities, residential homes, and premium villas in Bangalore, many people are moving to this city. Bangalore city is known as a villa city. Luxury bungalows in Bangalore are a definition of comfort and luxury. People have started to understand the importance of comfort and luxury and have started to prioritize it. Living in a villa gives you an unbeatable experience with its top-notch amenities with a perfect location. Due to the current scenario of the world-wide pandemic living in a villa would be the safest and smartest investment. Villas are the best place to live in. You can find many luxury villas in Bangalore for sale. While choosing location make sure villas are located in the right location. Villas in Kanakapura road and villas in electronic city Bangalore are the most preferred places. 


Let us understand why Villas in Bangalore are in high demand.

  1. Affordable prices – Villas in Bangalore are highly in demand because they are valued for money. Villas provide top-notch amenities and luxurious comfort at reasonable prices.
  2. IT Hub – Bangalore is an IT hub, and many people are moving to Bangalore because their work demands it.


Living in a villa gives an unmatchable experience. Here are 5 things that you can experience in a luxury villa in Bangalore:


  • Absolute serenity: 

If you are living in Bangalore, you will understand that Bangalore is loaded with automobiles. The traffic and the loud vehicle sound are very disturbing especially when you are trying to concentrate on an important project. But living in a villa beats down all these nuisances. Living in a villa gives you a beautiful experience. Villas are located away from the hustle-bustle of the main city. There are no prying eyes, annoying neighbors, and the constant sounds of the harsh motorbikes. Villas are located in a peaceful setting that makes a way a serene and tranquility living. 


  • Experience luxury like never before:

Villa is a synonym for luxury. Every corner of a villa echoes luxury and comfort. It is a place which meets all the checklist requirement of your dream home. Your home is surrounded by a green lush, private pool, a terrace with an amazing view. Not just this, when you throw a party at your home it is going to be the talk of the town. Living in a villa means experiencing high-end living. Comfort, luxury, and a spacious atmosphere is what most of us look at before investing in a home.


  • Customization is your call:

Villas are encompassed with enormous space. You can design your dream home according to your wish. The choice is absolutely yours, you can covert the backyard into a garden kitchen or turn one of your room into an exclusive art room. Due to the amount of space, it offers you could explore a lot of interior decoration options. You can get modular kitchens that highly functional and easy to operate. 


  • Pet-friendly villas:

For most people, pets are an important part of their lives. They are in fact a member of the family. People want spacious space for their pets as well, villas serve the purpose of being spacious. Your pet can move around freely in the private space. Residential apartments do not give kind of facility, they are not at all pet friendly. 


  • Villas provide a sense of belonging:

Villas provide a very serene atmosphere. There are open spaces where you can move around without anyone poking their nose in your business. Villas have top-notch amenities that help you rejuvenate from stress. 


Due to the current pandemic, the need for spacious homes has increased. The reason for the increased villa demands are as follows:


Work from home: Work from home has become a new normal. Many IT companies and start-up companies prefer their employees to work from home due to the worldwide pandemic. This means that people need to start and end their day at home. They spend most of their time at home and the importance of work-life balance has come into the limelight. People have started to comprehend how important it is to create a healthy home environment to focus on work. People are looking for a luxury house in Bangalore that will meet their needs. By buying a spacious home they can turn one room into the workspace, so there is no disturbance during their official meeting and call. By turning a room into an office space, they can be more organized and restrict the movement of children in that particular area. So people are looking for houses for sale in Bangalore which are spacious, comfortable and luxurious. 


Amenities: This pandemic has brought in a lot of stress along. People are worried and sad because they are not able to go out, hang around with their friends and family in a delightful place. It is frustrating staying at home within four walls of the house without any recreational activities. But it is not so with Villas. Villas come with top-notch amenities that will help you have amazing recreational activities. Though the lockdown is lifted by the risk of going out still remains the same. People are adhering to social distancing and it is risky to go out and a fun time. Maintaining health during these challenging times is also becoming difficult. They can not go to gyms or yoga centers due to the same reason. But villas have amenities like gym and yoga centers where you can go without the fear of being infected with COVID-19. There are other recreational amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, garden area, and many other such top-notch amenities that will give you a break from the everyday monotonous routine.


Need for spacious home: 

This pandemic had brought in a lot of difference in our life. As much as the COCID-9 has impacted our lives negatively it has brought in some positive changes in our lives too. Due to more availability of time, people are falling back to their hobbies. They are going back to their long-lost interests. People have started to take online art, dance, music classes. This requires a separate room so that there is no kind of interruptions. They have started to turn one part of the house into a library, art station, or music room. People are opting for larger and spacious homes that will meet their needs. There are many houses for sale in Bangalore that are spacious yet affordable. 


Customization of homes:

Since working from home has cut down unnecessary travel time, people are saving a lot of time. 

People are doing things that they didn’t find time to do. Decorating and designing your dream home is priority people are looking for. During this pandemic, you can decorate, design your home according to your taste. You know how exactly your garden kitchen is going to look or how exactly you want to set up your backyard so your children will get plentiful and a safe place to play. 


Creating a healthy lifestyle:

As mentioned previously, Villas provide top-notch amenities that will take care of your physical and mental well-being. When you are living in a spacious house you will have an adequate amount of personal space where you can discover and explore yourself better. You will have more time to spend with yourself and you have a different room assigned for yourself. There is a right balance between your family and yourself. You can be more independent and self-aware. Not just this, you can invite your extended family at home and spend quality time with them. This will help you stay connected with your friends and family and take care of your mental health as well. In a nutshell, living in a spacious villa will take care of your physical and mental health. 


Privacy and security:

Living in a villa takes care of you completely. There is 24/7 CCTV surveillance, making it easier to keep a note of who is walking in your gated community villa. Maintaining social distancing is much easier when you live in a villa. Each villa is well-distanced, promoting social distancing and avoiding the spread of coronavirus.


If you are looking for one of the best villas in Bangalore then Bluejay, Malgudi, and Aster villas must be your call. Bluejay Malgudi and Aster villas are encompassed with world-class amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, open garden areas, gym, yoga centers, and many other top-notch amenities. These villas are located in the right place where your home meets serenity, surrounded by green lush and the right infrastructure. Are you still curious to know more? Look into the advantages of staying in a luxury villa.



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